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Beer : Local
Castle, Castle Milk Stout, Black Label, Castle Light, Hansa Pilsner
Beer : Imported
Windhoek Lager, Windhoek Light, Millers Draught, Amstel
Heineken, Peroni
Windhoek Draught (bottled)
Artisan Beers (440ml)
Robertson Brewery Blonde Ale (A crisp and refreshing golden ale with a notable malty sweetness and a lingering mild hop bitterness).
Flavored Beers
Flying Fish – Pressed Lemon
Flying Fish – Crushed Orange

Peroni Draught
300ml Draught
500ml Draught

Hunter’s Dry, Redds
Savanna Dry, Savanna Light
Hunter’s X-treme

Brutal Fruit
Sultry Strawberry, Manic Mango
Smirnoff Spin

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